I think I’m gonna start writing.

I definitely sucks at being salesperson or an entrepreneur, but I think I’m not so bad at writing diaries #LOL so here I am giving it a try.

This is my first post in English, I think I will write more in Bahasa, or maybe a little bit of both. I am in the edge of feeling so bored/stress that I really need a new hobby. Well, now that I’m a mother to a two-years and five-months old, I don’t think I could go back to my old hobby of traveling the islands and snorkeling around or pursuing my long-time-obsession to be a diver. Maybe someday when my kids get older, I’ll give it another attempt, but now..now writing seems to be more realistic. So let me write about my life, my thoughts, my opinions, my research, some useful life-hacks perhaps? -well, in general I will give you a glimpse of a full-time mom life in Indonesia.

Be nice to me, internet 🙂

See you soon!

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