Dear Aisyah,

This is my first post for you, lovely daughter. Maybe one day you’ll read this, maybe not, nevertheless I will tell you a story. A story of your oh-so-common name ☺

Do you know the origin of your name? It means “one (woman) who lives” in Arabic, or to be alive or to live. It was also the name of our last prophet’s wife.

You see Aisyah, there is such a powerful meaning behind every name. In your case, we have such a wonderful hope for you to be alive, live high, live mighty, live righteously.. But, in contrary to Jason Mraz’s version of his lyrics, do not taking it easy. I’m taking it easy all my life, and look what I’ve become.. 26 years old and know nothing about faith, about love to the Almighty, about sacrifice on the correct path.

Do not taking it easy! I am not asking you to be religious, because when you get older you will see many so-called-religious people with moral turpitude. Later in life you’ll learn that religion has nothing to do with morality. It is your faith that define your morality. Ideally, when you have strong and true faith you automatically will be a religious person. But remember, I’m not asking you to be religious. It may sounds confusing now, but you’ll get it over time.

Do not taking it easy! Learn hard, honey.. No, not just studying science or history at school. Learn about your God, the one we call Allah. Your Lord who owns your life, my life, your fathers’ and brothers’ life. The Only One who owns the earth and the sky. Learn hard, honey.. Learning is the key to fall in love with something. Oh I do hope you’ll learn as hard as you can, so you’ll be a better woman than I am. You’ll be a woman who love His lord with all her life, unlike her mother who only seek the mercy of Allah in difficult times 😥

Do not taking it easy! Work hard Aisyah, to fight laziness, to follow the light of your God’s decree. Work hard to fight your demons. Because your demons will always be with you, and only Allah can protect you from them. No, your father can not protect you from demons for he is only human. It’s what’s in your heart can protect you from demons, and when God is in your heart, you got nothing to worry about.

Do not taking it easy! Pray hard. Pray hard. Pray hard. And when your demons whisper doubt, pray this..

O my sweet daughter, I hope you’ll turn up to be a good woman with strong faith in your heart. My prayers will always be with you, dear sunshine. You and your brother are my most precious God’s gift.

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