This won’t be a long post.
My advice: MYOB (mind your own business)

When you are married, usually you’ll be introduced to all members of your spouses’ family. Even though you’re technically a family member now, you still need to keep your nose where your face is. Like REALLY, please keep your nose where your face is. Your life will be more peaceful, happier, and drama-free.

You’ll get through the times when you need to face those nosy women (well in my case, the nosy ones are mostly women) from your in-laws side, times when no matter where you turn you’ll find their metaphorical nose :D. My advice, give nothing away as polite as possible. Learn the art of distraction. How? Keep up with the news or infotainments, like the elite prostitution scandal of NM and PR, or the “Papa minta saham” case. Works every time! (At least for me they worked).

Good luck MYOB-ing 😉