I can’t even..

Describe! I can’t even describe how happy I was. You see this kind of moment might not be the one you consider special when your kids development phase is normal. But for one with developmental delay issue: it’s a big deal.

Well, personally I think everything kids learn and progress about should be a big deal for parents, regardless his / her developmental state. I think we should cherish the moments, and not taking them for granted. It breaks my heart everytime to see parents shhhuuussh-ing their kids, or even poke them like with angry poke, just because they think the kids are singing too loud or being too noisy…they’re taking the loud kids moment for granted. It’s not their fault though, because they just don’t know, (and God I pray they will never have to know) how it feels when their kids won’t even response to them when they call their kids name. So it’s normal for parents to missed those wonderful developmental progress because it’s just another normal day when the kids are too loud and annoying. They should be grateful for that, and I should be grateful for my kid singing that Adele’s song.

Even it was just once, or should I said: it was a one hit wonder πŸ˜‚. He might won’t repeat it again ever (I tried to make him sing again, and always failed πŸ˜…) and I just can’t seem to read his mood or to know what triggers his singing (like super clueless). My oldest is 2.5 year old, still can’t talk and have very few vocabs for his age, which is behind other kids with normal development. He can repeat some melodies, in his own humming and alien-wording and as the time goes by I start to understand some of his singing. It’s kinda sad you know, because when he sings in public, let’s just say for example when he sang to his therapist and his therapist went clueless, and he saw that the therapist are confuse then he stop singing. So yes, it’s sad to see him only feels comfortable singing around me at home because only me understand (some of) his songs.

But today, I’m not the only one understand his song πŸ˜„. His Onty Veren (my younger sister) heard him and actually understand what he sang, yeay! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. It was ecstatic (for me) that I called my hubby rightaway, and damn-oh-so-damned I forgot to tape the moment because I was too excited reward-clapping my son. And just when I asked my son to repeat the song to my hubby by phone, guess what, he went silent and prefer run and jump around on the bed #sigh. I know I’m being hyperbolic by posting about it when my son only sang the “Sorry” word of the song with the right melody (as I said, it was ecstatic, it made me blog about it, haha), but he actually said the word clearly, with the correct melody, and I’m not the only one in the room who understand it…so yeah, why the hell not post about it 😁

One day he might read this post, and by then I hope (and always pray for) he already get better understanding of his surroundings and communicate well with other people, and hopefully he will laugh at this silly (not to mention hyperbolic) post of his mother. And by then I hope he will hug me and say: Ummi, you were so lebai! Haha.. I’m fine, I’m okay, I can talk and sing and socialize just alright. Silly you, Ummi…

I know he will tell me that one day..I know he will.